Our Story


The Journey

The journey of Darjeeling Tea started in 1847 when Dr. Arthur D Campbell the first Superintendent of Darjeeling experimented with tea seeds in his garden.

High elevations, purity of the mountain air coupled with the hard work and passion of the pioneers resulted in a tea so fine, an aroma so delicate and a taste which left a lingering impression that many called Darjeeling Tea “The Champagne of Teas”.


- Ritumbhara Agarwal -

The Founder

In the year 1992 a tea growing family in Darjeeling was blessed with a baby girl who grew up in the lap of the Himalayas savoring the complex aromas and the sweet taste of Darjeeling Tea ever since she could remember. This culminated in a passion not only to enjoy the best Darjeeling Teas but to share the joy with others around her.

With education and marriage in Mumbai Ritumbhara decided to bring with her, the fragrance of the Muscatel aromas and the wonderful taste of Darjeeling teas and share them with all around her in her new home. Thus in the year 2020 her maiden company “Museum of Exotic Teas” was launched.


- Mr. J.P. Gurung -

The Tea Taster

Mr. J.P. Gurung is one of Darjeeling’s most senior tea professional. The son of a tea planter who, having managed gardens for many years and advised quality improvement in tea making to large conglomerates, selects our range of teas. His strong eye for detail and precision in organoleptic assessment stands second to none. Ritumbhara has studied tea under his guidance.

About the Company

Museum of Exotic Teas offers you an opportunity to experience a revolution in Tea Drinking with a large variety of the best Darjeeling Teas. The teas on offer are grown under strict organic conditions, manufactured under the most hygienic conditions by Tea Makers with decades of hands-on experience and tasted and selected by the best Tea Tasters.

Try it and feel the difference.