The Perfect Brew, how to do it?

What is the most effective way to brew the perfect cup of tea? That is the main question we find bubbling over in our inbox on a regular basis. Whilst it is true that many cultures and religions have their own belief system when it comes to this question, here at Museum of Exotic Teas we recommend following the below steps for that perfectly executed brew.

  • First, it is vital to use a high-quality loose leaf or bagged tea. Click on the tabs at the top of our page for our list of incredible fresh teas.
  • All tea must be stored at room temperature in an air tight container, out of direct sunlight. This preserves the flavour and protects the tea from other strong food smell nearby.
  • Always add water to the tea and not tea to the water.
  • When preparing black tea, always use fresh boiling water (100 degree Celsius). When boiled water is added to the tea it energises the leaf, efficiently extracting all the quality nutrients.
  • For green tea, white tea and golden tips, it is best that the water is left to cool down to approximately 80 degrees Celsius. By doing this, you will avoid the bitter taste that can often occur when using fully boiled water.
  • To extract the flavour from the tea, the water must contain oxygen. If water is boiled more than once oxygen levels are reduced and this will be apparent in the taste.
  • Be sure to measure tea carefully, we recommend using 1 rounded teaspoon of loose-leaf tea, or 1 pyramid tea bag per cup.
  • Always follow the brewing instructions allocated to each tea, this can range anywhere from the 2-minute mark to over 5 minutes depending on the type and flavour.
  • For those of you who enjoy tea with milk, we recommend milk to be poured in last for the best effect. But please try our teas without milk first, the flavours are stunning.

All our teas can be infused 1-2 times and still maintain their flavour. Just be sure to follow the above recommendations.