Green Tea Sangria

Why not add a splash of something stronger to your green tea for those lovely balmy evenings! Equally, iced-green tea is a refreshing alcohol-free alternative to your evening sundowner.

Servings: 4 - 5



  1. Use 1 litre pitcher or make it on the stove
  2. Pop in 6 teaspoons of whole leaf Green Tea
  3. Add freshly boiled water till 1/3rd full jug
  4. Brew for 5 minutes.
  5. Stir in 1/3rd cup honey / jaggery / brown sugar according to your taste and availability
  6. When the tea is slightly cooled, add it to your pitcher along with a bottle of white wine, lemon slices, and fresh mint leaves.

Refrigerate before serving!

In case you want to avoid using wine altogether, add lemon zest and mint to the mixture and top it up with cold water. Pour over ice and drink up!


You can jazz up your sangria in numerous ways. For instance, our Whole leaf Green Tea goes well with fresh citrus fruits and garden herbs like mint, lemons, strawberries and just think of the wow factor you could create by adding edible glitter and flowers … the list is endless.

Enjoy the time home this summer with a cooling and delicious Museum of Exotic Teas’ Green Tea!